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 About The Author
Sandy Parker, Author

Sandy Parker, author of children's books What Day is Today? and What Month Is It?, developed a love for books at a very early age.  She enjoys encouraging young children to use their imaginations.

Parker was playing outdoors with her son when she conceived the idea for writing her first book, What Day is Today? Her son saw a butterfly and asked "Mommy, what day is today?" When she responded "Monday" he said, "Today is Monday, today I saw a butterfly." Although there is no specific day devoted to a butterfly in the book (it would be phonetically incorrect), this conversation inspired the idea for her first book.

What Month Is It? is a natural follow on to Parker's first book.  Throughout the book you travel to 12 different states, all of which have special meaning to the author.  Parker enjoys including points of significance in her life within her books.  In fact, it is because she was moved to pursue her dream of writing children's books from the tragic events of 9-11-01 she incorporates "thanks" in this book to those who work to keep the country safe and allow everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

While taking coursework on emergent literacy at the University of Toledo Parker discovered her interest in children's literature, especially how children begin to read and assimilate language. Today she continues the volunteer effort she began over 9 years ago reading with children at the preschool and elementary levels.

 flower Before writing children's books, Parker was a sales representative for International Business Machines (IBM) for almost 10 years. She also spent several years at an IBM business partner in the sales environment and later took time off to stay home with her children.

Parker earned her B.A. degree from Michigan State University where she met her husband, Phil. They have two children, Tyler and Paige. Parker and her family currently live in Coralville, Iowa where her husband coaches football at the University of Iowa. She is a native of Michigan and has also lived in Ohio.

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