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 Fun Ideas

After reading What Day is Today? see if any of these ideas spark your imagination!

  • Use your imagination to guess what you will see next week.
  • Use small lunch bags and draw one animal on each bag. Use these as puppets and create your own story.
  • Talk about all the places you might see the different types of animals in the book. If possible, visit one or more of these places.
  • Read other books about the animals you see. You may find many books at your local library.
  • Click for FREE full-size coloring pages.

"I like the pictures because
they're funny."

- Spencer B., Age 3

"The fat frog is great." - Zachary C., Age 6

After reading What Month is It? see if any of these ideas spark your imagination!
  • Find objects on each page that start with the same letter as what Sam saw (i.e., in November he saw feasting firefighers-find flowers, flag, fork, etc.)
  • Discuss "Climate". How is weather different in January in Juneau, Alaska vs. Florida?
  • Count how many months have passed this year; how many are left?
  • Discuss states vs. cities vs. countries. Use a map to show where the U.S. is in relationship to other countries.
  • For more fun ideas, purchase the Curriculum Guide for What Month Is It?
  • Click for FREE full-size coloring pages and sample Curriculum Guide.
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