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Quality books to add to any young child's collection
  • Teaches Multiple Concepts
  • Curriculum Guides Available
  • Introduction to Calendar
  • Exquisitely Illustrated
  • Phonics
  • Rich with Repetition
  • Fosters Imagination
  • Encourages Thinking

"...super positive way to start each day with the children". - Julie M., Mother

What Day is Today? and What Month Is It? use phonics, alliteration, and strategic word placement to promote fluent reading and instill confidence in young readers. Children enjoy the repetition and finding phonetic objects that correspond with the text on each page. This is so fun kids don’t even realize they are learning.

 What Day is Today?  What Month Is It?

What Day Is Today?

ISBN: 0-9643462-3-0
9x9, 24 pages.
Library Reinforced Hardcover
Printed in the U.S.A.
 Printed in the U.S.A.

What Month Is It?

ISBN: 0-9643462-5-7
9x9, 32 pages
Library Reinforced Hardcover
Printed in the U.S.A.
 Printed in the U.S.A.

Each Curriculum Guide reinforces concepts introduced in each corresponding book through several pages of fun-filled games and activities. Each guide is loaded with cross-curricular activities designed to get kids ready to read on their own and promote fluent reading. Activities are appropriate for use by teachers, parents, and librarians. The guides are available in electronic, PDF format.

SPECIAL NOTE: Each curriculum guide is offered free with purchase of the corresponding book or may be purchased separately.

 What Day is Today? Curriculum Guide
4-page PDF
Click for Purchase Options
 What Day is Today? Curriculum Guide
12-page PDF
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5x5, 30 sheets per pad.


Sandy Parker Books is happy to present a notepad for a multitude of purposes.

A notepad
intended to provide extension activities for Sandy’s Books is great fun. Some ideas are:

  • Create your own calendar.
  • Create charts i.e. ask a child how many Monday’s have we gone to the library and have them color in that many blocks on the Monday grid (or any activity you choose)
  • Use it as a "count down" chart for something the child is looking forward to.
  • Use it as a chore chart that kids can keep as a reminder!
  • Of course adults and children can use the notepad for a fun place to write!

Imagine the possibilities!

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